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The PR and marketing has begun! The poster and marketing material has been done by Edda Jones and will go to print soon.  The first performance has been booked in for the 27th of August, with others in September and October nearly confirmed. I had four meetings today in Rochester and Maidstone. I was pretty much on time for all of them. I got positive feedback from all of them. I felt like a pro!

Francis Knight gave me a lot of support and so I want to give them a little plug by returning theirs at

I saw Jane and Asha also today. It was good to touch base with them.

I have a rough cut. I have a lot to refine. It is pretty much all on the timeline. I need to think but mainly feel where it wants to go. I am looking forward to my time with it.

I am currently in Berlin. It’s lovely outside. I went to a huge lake yesterday. I swam naked in nature. I am listening to very familiar comforting music. My Crohn’s disease has flared up a bit. I have downloaded and imported footage and will edit the last of the performance sequences I want to show. I have decided to use a lot of landscape moving shots from the bus trips as transitional scenes, or even durational ones. There is such transformation throughout the South African landscape. The diversity is amazing.

The Asha project I have decided, for it’s opening at least, needs to be a performance, where I use video footage of the site specific performances and project them into a space, with the artefacts I gathered arranged as an installation in its own right around. I want to interact with the projections in whatever way feels natural. Dover Arts Development (DAD) has been kind enough to offer me a residency for a few days before the first performance on the 27th of August. In that time I aim to play around with all the footage in terms of projections within a space. Practice a bit. This takes me back to my graduation piece where I had still photographs of a performance I did in a cemetery (another parallel) projected onto a curtain while I moved naked in front of it.

_DSC0159 to watch the documentation video of Untitled 7.


I am trying to think about it and I am blocked. It is like being cerebral is the stupidest thing to do.

I am editing the Imperial Hotel day. I am ending up with a few sequences. I must not be afraid of duration. Live installation maybe is the word I prefer. Still performance art but something maybe a bit more dead.


At this current moment I am thinking about exhibition. I am finding I am getting ahead of myself as I have yet to assemble the footage in the form I wish it to take. I have started editing from the end of the process, then skipped to the beginning and found myself in the thick of it.

I am currently putting together the visit to the Braamfontein Cemetery where Asha’s children’s plaques are. There are several sequences in one, differing in focus but also form. I think I would prefer to separate the stylised from the real but maybe show them sequentially. It is still stewing. My computer is humming and warming up. I am multi-tasking. 

I have been thinking about money and budget a lot more than I would ever like to. I have been thinking about fund-raising, updating my website, marketing material etc. Producing is something I can do but would rather someone else did it, which is why I am doing it. Where there is evasion there is possibility of disempowerment. I needed to do this to know I can.

On a more morbid but appropriate note considering the footage I am cutting today, I want to share how this project has gone full circle even in a practical way. In April, just before I went to South Africa, my paternal grandmother, the British one, died. I sent flowers to the funeral. I was then informed that she left me some money. I immediately knew exactly what it was for and how I could indeed honour her. 

Her name was June McRobert. She was someone who loved poetry, she read all the time. She took regular long walks. She listened to orchestral music. Tchaikovsky was her favourite, until she found out he was probably gay. She was very stubborn. She was a very sensitive soul. She struggled with bouts of sadness. She was a vegan and spoke up about everything she believed in. However, she did not feel like she really achieved anything for herself. She was a homemaker with three children, widowed in her 50s. I think she lived in her books. Like Asha, I think she was a colourful character who had so much to offer but timing and circumstance was not in her favour. 

So, she will live on in this project. The money is still an energy I can transfer into something else. It has given a new dimension to my ancestral heredity.

Thank you Nanna.